Monday, September 22, 2014

Out of my Element

For the past 10 days, I have been dog-sitting at my boyfriend's parents house. And to say it threw off my game is a bit of an understatement...let me explain

Things related to their house that threw me off my game...

1) They live on a dirt road, that is not grated, so there are tons of holes and places for me to severely injure myself. This alone scared me out of running most days.
2) Their house is surrounded by main roads and factories, so the options for running were few and far between
3) There neighborhood is not the "nicest" so being out after dark wasn't an option for me

Things not related to their house that threw me off my game.....

1) Felt a cold coming on, the stuffy nose, the cough, the exhaustion, it was all there, just waiting to strike
2) Another type infection threatening, and I'll leave it at that
3) Lack of good sleep due to not being in my own bed

So, I'm here to admit, that with only 5 weeks left until my half, I ran a grand total of 1.5 miles last week...........ouch. I walked a 5k yesterday with a friend and we kept a good pace but actual running......1.5 miles.

But I'm not stressing. Because it's over, it's done with, and that off week certainly isn't going to make or break me. In fact, it may have even helped, allowing extra rest time and recovery of sore muscles. I'm here to tell you that "falling off" doesn't mean you failed. It means you lived, that shit happened. So are you going to sit around and beat yourself up over it for days? Or make a change. I personally plan to make a change.

Today, I am back at it. I usually run Tues/Thurs/Sun but this week I'll be running Mon/Wed/Sun, due to a hair appointment tomorrow (yup, I change my schedule for hair appointments!). 5 Monday, 5 Wednesday, 10 Sunday! Here we go!

Who's running with me in spirit this week?

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  1. sometimes a week of rest is needed. you'll do great at your half marathon next month!